Exhibit: Conversations In Color/Conversations en Color - With Francisco Alvarado 

From an arts loving Brit family and profoundly influenced by annual visits to rugged Cornwall, artist Sophia Tise comes at Conversations in Color utilizing a tremendous skill for extracting the ultimate from her elemental tools, be they raw canvas, linen, cut-outs, natural mixed media, string, anything with a patina, coarse, smooth, jagged or impasto encrusted.
A sensual line permeates the work, while never compromising a shaman-like use of abstract depth and three-dimensionality bending the line between painting, assemblage and sculpture. From bold coloration to subtle detail, the work speaks to a searching beauty while never seeming gratuitously “beautiful”. Look for a progression of imagery inherent in the work. It`s there.
Roy Oldenkamp gallerist/curator Neutra Institute