Artist Sophia Batsford Ties Work On Linen

"Linen and canvas are aged for many months before I feel they are ready to be stretched so that the finished painting becomes part of the support. Rich colors conflict with the areas that are translucent allowing marks and textures to come through. I like to create abstract worlds through combinations of line and formlessness. A fantasy really. Each painting or collage happens because of the one before it.

Abstract curvilinear shapes carve out a rocklike three-dimensionality in my pieces. I explore the challenge of texture and space,in thick paint,and often collage, pushing the painting into chaos. I let the painting happen, feel an energy, become absorbed into the process. I am trying to reach my subconscious level and each piece is a story, but I cannot tell you what it is. It is my reaction to nature; a surreal edge, you have to stay with my work a while to get it. My small collages co-exist with my larger paintings, they are my reaction to the outside world, my love of thread, texture and intimacy.

These sensual, organic forms reflect the liquid beauty of life; a suggestion of invented landscape: the simplistic rituals of everyday life - pitcher, earth, woman, exchanging nature for concrete, renewal, generations of womanhood,loss, joy, the earth, the ground we stand on - the hard, dry desert light of California, in contrast to the damp, cool colors of England. 

Everyday I must be in my studio or I deny myself the chance of something happening, a thread, an idea that I can work with. I embrace the work, really believe in it, run with the process and when it is finished, leave it for the viewer to question and move on.
Wherever I live, the challenges as a painter are the same, the explorations endless, the process fascinating and all consuming."

March 2018