Artist Sophia Batsford Ties Work On Linen

"I create abstract worlds through combinations of line and formlessness. A fantasy really. Abstract curvilinear shapes carve out a rocklike three dimensionality in my pieces, exploring the challenge of texture and space. Each painting is a visual narrative but I cannot explain exactly what it is. It comes from deep within my subconscious. Playful, whimsical, surreal shapes are part of the story. You have to stay with my work a while, to get it. They are my reactions to the natural world, my love of music, nature and art. I stand on the edge of our fragile planet, and hope to convey a sense of peace with an urgent undertone. My small collages co-exist with the larger paintings, each one happening because of the one before it.

These sensual, organic forms reflect the liquid beauty of life; a suggestion of invented landscape: the simplistic rituals of everyday life - pitcher, earth, woman, exchanging nature for concrete, renewal, generations of womanhood,loss, joy, the earth, the ground we stand on - the hard, dry desert light of California, in contrast to the damp, cool colors of England. 

Everyday I must be in my studio or I deny myself the chance of something happening, a thread, an idea that I can work with. I embrace the work, really believe in it, run with the process and when it is finished, leave it for the viewer to question and move on.
Wherever I live, the challenges as a painter are the same, the explorations endless, the process fascinating and all consuming."

July 2019